Visual Exploration and what it means

You search you find ..

Visual Exploration is all about exploring what the eye comes across and then interpreting that in your own unique manner. We as humans explore everyday, we’re constantly learning new things, thinking about them, putting some of them into action, this is how we are continually visually exploring the world around us and adapting to certain things within it.

Exploring and learning from everyday life is probably one of the most exciting things for me that I look forward to when I wake up every morning. Knowing that there is a great vast world out there, waiting for me to find things, write about it, photograph and talk about it. Visual exploration most definitely has no limits. Anything that has meaning to it, is worth examining, and I choose to blog about certain things that interest me,events I attend and moments that I photograph around the world.

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Throughout my life growing up I’ve learnt to document moments that inspired me, to leave a memory for someone who hasn’t found what I have found yet. It’s a joy for me to go places, visually explore, whilst learning from others and sharing that with the world to the best of my ability, with words, pictures that take the audience back in time. I have learnt a lot from studying the true meaning of Visual exploration by living my life and just simply being alive, finding the beauty in each day. And now I have finally come to realise.. 

.. keep searching, your heart deserves to feel that moment of ‘awe’ when your eyes finally visually meet something amazing.

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