Everyday Semiotics

As we know sighs play a very big part in our everyday lives. From an early age we are all taught the meaning of most signs in order for us to operate and understand how things work in the real world. Some signs are informative for eg, Toilets (male/female), Notices (shops,bars,clubs, building regulations), restrictions (no running, no dogs, no smoking). Some signs mean safety for eg, Lights (car lights, street lamps, traffic lights), warnings (high voltage, deep water,road works). We are taught what these signs mean so that when we come across them in person, the human mind automatically knows how to respond to it. It is important that we get taught the meaning of these signs from a young age as they could one day save your life, for eg if there is a very dangerous hazard, knowing that the sign says not to go any closer to it can keep you from serious harm.

As a conclusion, signs are made up of two parts. The signifier and the signified.
The Signifier is the visual  aspect of the sign,what we can see. The Signified is the mentality that comes with the meaning of the sign that is learnt through society and culture.

Semiotic signs


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