Jeff wall

Jeff Wall explores themes such as the relationships between men and women and the boundary between metropolis and nature. He mainly focuses on commentary, violence and cultural miscommunication and creates images relating back to his personal experiences that he has had throughout his life.

   Boy falls from tree- 2010

Boy falls from tree

I came across a short video where Jeff talks about what inspired him to capture ‘boy falling from a tree’. He mentioned that he wanted to remind the audience of something that they’ve experienced throughout their life by showing that in this image. He wanted the audience to have something to connect to. And so he reflected on a moment in his life where he himself fell from a tree, so he decided to capture that moment again using a young boy that lived within the surrounding neighbourhood.

Listening to his video where he comments critically on his image, he mentioned that this photograph was easy to take because he made good use of the natural light, no artificial studio lighting was part of it. This contributed to the image appearing realistic, capturing a real life incident where a boy is falling from a tree.

The video itself came be found on the link below

400 photographs were taken, one was chosen.


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