Political Consequences

Simon Nortfolk

   Simon Nortfolk

Simon who is a Nigerian photographer from Lagos who won World Press Photo award in 2001 is a landscape photographer whose work over the last ten years has been themed around a probing and stretching of the meaning of the word ‘battlefield’ in all its forms. He has photographed in some of the world’s worst war zones and refugee crises, but all spends time at home photographing computers used to design military systems or test launches of nuclear missiles. Looking at the photographs that he took, me as the viewer don’t really get a full sense of the bad circumstances that are happening in some of those areas. This is because within the images Simon has made the landscapes appear neat, tidy and well presented, when most of us know that war ground doesn’t usually look like that. I personally think that some of his photographs are misleading towards the audience.

Simon NortfolkSimon Nortfolk

When looking at his war photographs i get a feel that the war is over and that families are settling back into their usual way of living. The reason the images come across this way is because of the way that the light is presented. The sun is shining  on certain areas of the ground making the atmosphere seem calm, peaceful and as though everyone is happy. Simon Norfolk is definitely presenting war the opposite way to which we are use to seeing it on the news and the internet. However looking at his images, if i was to look at it in a different way, his photos could be showing the audience what things could be like if there wasn’t much war, then families could live together in harmony and unity. I have concluded that there is a positive and a negative side to his images.


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